Birthday Show

Birth of Deli

March 24th - April 14th 2019

A disposable ritual for the sake of temporary whimsy, a specific set of aesthetics and objects we all recognize from an early age, only existing within the world of birthday, birthday party, every year we are faced with this dimension-

and the choice to indulge or not.

Featuring a lineup of artists that are LA raised, birthday will not only explore the concepts and illusions of birthday ritual, but the way these rituals show up in a diverse, metropolitan city. 


Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., 2018

Mixed media on canvas

Gabi Abrão and Miles Kneedler, 2019
Confetti, weight, and deli scale.
Sand Bags
James Francis Whelan IV, 2019
Mylar, sand
Umbilical Graveyard 
Skye Lane 
Tracing paper, charcoal, graphite, red light, string, found baby doll
Donovan Novotny, 2019
Felt, glue
Learning 'Happy Birthday' in Portuguese 
Gabi Abrão
, 2019
Mother’s writing, ink on paper.

Valentino Vélez, 2019
All purpose flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, eggs, 
unsalted butter, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, 
milk, powdered sugar, digital print.

Burfday 1
Valentino Vélez, 2019
Repurposed shirt, airbrush
Burfday 2
Valentino Vélez, 2019
Repurposed shirt, airbrush
Burfday 3
Valentino Vélez, 2019
Repurposed shirt, airbrush
Willing Participant
Gabi Abrão
, 2019
Photo Print.
Slow Death (Prototype)

Gabi Abrão
, 2019
Altered found footage of deflating bounce houses, 
1.03 min