Rose Greenberg was born and raised in Los Angeles. She studied Community Health at Pitzer College and has informally studied art her whole life. She learned to sew from a neighbor around 8 years old, when she turned a worn, fleece cheetah print Old Navy jacket into a pillow. It was over 15 years later that she turned to pillows as her primary art form.

By using her life and space as her canvas and functional objects as her creative medium, her art has become woven in with the rest of her life. As a child, Rose wished for more autonomy, wanting to be an adult as soon as possible so that she could make all her own choices and not have adults imposing their beliefs, fears, and lifestyles on her. She found it frustrating that play time had to end to make time for chores and homework.

The chores weren’t the issue, though, she just wanted to keep living in her own world. She wanted playtime to be her reality, not just in her imagination. These spaces are created because they're the spaces that Rose wants to play in, to socialize in. She hopes to create a way for people to connect that gives them a taste of her world and imagination.

Poly Fiber Fantasy

There is something inherently sexual about the pillows -  which is felt in the immediate desire to fondle them or tickle ourselves with them, to weave our bodies into them. As an adult, sex is one of the few human experiences where we are still encouraged to be fully present, vulnerable, curious, & explorative.


That use of imagination and unbridled spirit is what I wanted to capture by filming this erotic interaction with the pillow. Much like a child’s first sexual experience in which their understanding of their bodies can come from an often spontaneous experience - a rubbing up against a pillow or stuffed animal, so to is the playful sensuality we can experience when interacting with these pillows if we allow ourselves those freedoms. To play, cuddle, cradle, or be entwined with the pillow is to experience it fully.